Road Cycling Trip FAQ

Riding with us

What does our support vehicle do?

We use our support vehicle to transport you to and from some rides to increase the number of world-class cols and rides we can access from one central base. It will:

  • Follow you on your rides and meet at specific points
  • Carry your extra water, snacks, jackets, spare tubes etc
  • Carry a limited amount of spares and tools to aid with on the road mechanicals
  • Be there to support and if needed rescue stricken bikes or riders
  • Be there as an option to shorten ride lengths or skip sections for riders who wish
  • Carry a driver who will shout encouragement as required

What does our ride support team do?

They are there to make sure you get the best experience from your time with us! Our support driver will ensure the support vehicle and all those useful things in it are always at hand. Our support rider will be with you for every pedal stroke of the way to share his wealth of local knowledge and experience whilst spurring you on up those cols.

How should I prepare my bike beforehand?

Cycling in the alps is demanding on body and machine, and there's nothing worse than suffering an avoidable mechanical. With that in mind, we strongly recommend before departing you ensure your bike is in tip-top condition.

Pay particular attention to ensure brakes, drive chain and wheels/tyres are up to the task ahead.

Road cycling is a national pastime in these parts and we are well catered for with local bike shops. However, if you run any particularly rare or hard to source parts that might require replacement we would suggest bringing these with you.

The mountains out here are big and depending on where you normally ride some guests may want to consider fitting a lower geared cassette than they might normally use.

And a spare set of brake pads never hurt!

What level of fitness is required?

On our ride with us profiles, we have detailed for you each day's ride statistics.

We have used our local knowledge to present different itineraries for you to choose from to suit your groups level of fitness.

Can we be flexible with the weeks riding itinerary?

Yes, we pride ourselves on this. We are able to swap in and out ‘rides’ or modify them to alter the weeks riding itinerary (as logistically possible) to react to changes in the weather and road conditions, within the advertised price.

Can we be flexible with different riders abilities within one group?

Absolutely. Although all riders in your group will follow the core ride route for that day we can both lengthen or shorten the routes to suit individuals needs. We achieve this by two means:- 

  • Using our knowledge of the area we can add loops, short cuts, diversions to alter the ride distance and elevation gain
  • Our support vehicle is always on hand, start and finish the day's ride route when suits you! If you want to miss that cat 1 climb, jump in the van. We won't judge you. Your friends might, but we won’t!

How long will the ride days be?

This can vary depending on the day, fitness and what you want. It can range from 2 hours to as long as it takes to get that last man or women up that col. Have a look here at just a few of our ride profiles.

What will the weather be like/what riding gear should I bring?

Generally, the weather in the alps in the summer is great. Hot, sunny days with plenty of daylight and you're more at risk of getting sunburnt than wet!

However, the weather in the mountains can change rapidly. There are days when we might be ranging in altitude from 600m to 3000m. On a clear, sunny day that could mean a 20°C difference in temperature experienced in one day!

And when it does rain, it really rains.

With our programme, we have the flexibility to react to different weather conditions if required. We also will be able to brief you thoroughly on the weather expected on the next day's ride.

As far as cycle clothing goes we recommend you bring:-

  • Suncream/sunblock - it's not unusual for July and August to be in the 30’s and the sun's effects are much stronger at altitude
  • Wearing a helmet is mandatory
  • Enough cycling shorts, socks and jerseys to do you for a week (we are able to put on a wash for cycling gear only, once a day)
  • Summer (light) and winter (warmer) layers to cover the range of temperatures we may encounter
  • A waterproof jacket
  • We suggest going for a layering approach with your gear, and of course our support vehicle will be on hand to transport this for you

Getting here and your stay

Who is welcome at TAGRide?

Everyone is welcomed equally at Tag ride. Although, we provide a supported road riding experience with expert local knowledge we are happy to welcome your non-riding friends or partners to join you on your stay.

Can I bring my own bike?

Yes, of course, you can. In fact, most prefer to, there's nothing like the fit and feel of your own bike. 

Is it easy to bring my own bike?

Absolutely, just box your bike up in accordance with your airline carriers recommendations. Then relax in the knowledge that we transport you and your bike to and from Chalet James within the price of your trip.

Your bike will be safe and secure overnight in our internal bike storage room.

Do you provide bike hire?

We don’t, we stick to what we do best. Should you not wish to bring your own bike we are happy to recommend the services of our partner companies.

Not only will https://www.francebikerentals.com/ deliver and collect your bike to Chalet James, but they also have an exceptional range of high-end bikes for hire. Maybe you want to treat yourself!

Our friends down the mountain at Moutnbike in Moutiers can also arrange hire at very reasonable prices and can be contacted by email.

I have special dietary requirements, can you cater for me?

We can cater to most common dietary needs and do so on a regular basis.

However, we do have some limitations. It is fair to say that France is behind some other countries when it comes to the provision of vegan and gluten-free alternatives - we can cater for you but with some limitations.

We are not able to guarantee a completely nut-free environment or prepare food in accordance with Kosher or Halal methods.

What can we do on our rest day?

So many things! Here are a few suggestions to get you thinking but why not ask us?


  • Relax by the outdoor pool in town*
  • Visit the famous thermal spa in Brides les Bains
  • Just simply put your feet up and enjoy the comforts of Chalet James and the surrounding views

Don’t rest

*The outdoor pool and lift network operate during the peak summer months. This year they are scheduled to open from the 5th July to the 28th August.

The rest day is not only a rest day for you but for us. Most of the activities above can be accessed from La Tania, by foot, free bus shuttle or bike.