Covid-19 Booking Terms

We recognise that there is a high level of uncertainty surrounding international travel over the next few months.

If the situation safely allows, we want to be there for those of you who wish to join us on some of the best cycling roads in the world.

To provide you with the confidence to plan your next trip, we are offering fully refundable deposits (under the terms outlined below) and late (no penalty) cancellations for all our Summer 2021 trips. The details are as follows:

All bookings are subject to a 125 deposit per person upon booking, with the final balance payment required 2 weeks before the day of arrival.

To ensure the Covid 19 Cancellation Policy is used in the spirit it was intended, a full refund will only be provided if you are required to cancel due to:

  • Official, Government restrictions imposed in the country you are to depart from prohibiting your travel, relating specifically to Covid 19, or
  • the French Government imposes restrictions on entry to France from your country of origin, relating specifically to Covid 19 (e.g. a mandatory quarantine period), or
  • The French Government imposes restrictions that prevent us from operating in the manner required to provide our service, related specifically to Covid 19

And, that at least one of the above conditions are fulfilled and the cancellation requested in the period no earlier than 3 weeks and no later than 2 weeks before your day of arrival.

If travel is unimpeded and there are no local restrictions in place preventing us from operating as intended and you choose not to travel, our standard terms and conditions will apply. (e.g. If you choose not to travel due to the need to self-isolate on your return home)

Applications must be made in writing with accompanying proof of the applicable reason for cancellation.

Outwith these conditions and before and after this window our standard cancellation policy applies.